July 11, 2023, I arrived at Gold Creek Campground just North of Ohio City, Co.

I packed up and left July 19th. During that time I operated my Ham Radio equipment,

and I did some hiking from the campground(at 10,000ft) up to a couple of lakes at

above 11,500ft elevation. This page links to pics I took on this trip.


If you are looking for info on my Ham Radio activities look here: Gold Creek info


Below are links for slide shows on various treks and the campground.

Arriving at the campground and setting up along with sunrise from the first morning! Arrival and 1st morning


On July 12th, I hiked up to Mill Lake: Trail to Mill Lake


On July 15th, I hiked up to Lamphier and Little Lampheir Lakes Lake: Trail to Lampheir Lakes


On July 18th, I took a short hike up the Fossil Ridge trail: Fossil Ridge Trail

It's interesting trail. Lois and I hiked up here in 2018. It looked like an avalanche

hit this gulley shortly before 2018. The trees were fresh yet and not greyed out.

Now the trees are grey and new growth is quite evident. Small burch and small pine

are starting up.


Thanks for looking! Lyle